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4 Tips To Fall Into Healthy Hair

We all want to have Healthy Hair. Especially now that we have officially fallen into Fall.  To me that means all of the rich and robust colors are coming into the spectrum of color.  Just like the leaves turn, we all like to have rich and robust hair color for the fall.

Here are my favorite 4 tips to get your hair healthy for the change in season.

1. Get rid of all the summer damage

Even if you didn’t swim and get much chlorine damage, sun can and will do just as much damage as that nasty chlorine.  Go get a clarifying shampoo to help get out all of the impurities that have been baked in. I like the Shampoo Three by Paul Mitchell or the old school way is to make a shampoo paste with some baking soda and shampoo and shampoo that into your hair.

2. Get some moisture back in your hair

It’s a great idea to go into your stylist and get deep treatment under some heat.  I love my Lanza Healing Conditioner for all of my clients.  To get the process rolling at home you can use a moisturizing conditioner with a shower cap and let that sit on your hair for 20-30 minutes after you shampoo then rinse.

3. Get a shape up/dusting (haircut)

I suggest to each and every one of my clients to get a good shape up or dusting to get rid of those dead ends after the summer season. Cutting the damage area off will stimulate healthy hair growth and the reduction of dry and split ends. A win win on both.

4. Get your hair colored

Last but not least…..COLOR!!! Add some rich robust tones into your hair.  There are several different techniques that are hot now like Ombre’, Balyage, Babylights, and Shadowing can all add some rich color to your hair.

Join the conversation and post any of your questions below. I’d love to hear from you.

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