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5 Key Tips To Fantastic Looking Dirty Hair

5 Key Tips to Fantastic Looking Dirty Hairt

How many times have you got out of bed in the morning and just wished you could get a fantastic hairstyle out of your day-old, dirty hair. I get this question a ton from my clients.

How often should you shampoo your hair? Well here you have it – NOT EVERY DAY!  I’ve been a full advocate of not shampooing daily forever.  Now hear me right, not putting your hair through the daily grind helps the health of your hair tremendously.

Here are a few of my fantastic secrets to help get you by with day-old, dirty hair.

#1 – Dry shampoo is your BFF – don’t be afraid of it

It will help you get through the day with oily, dirty hair so spray and go!

#2 – Rinse & Condition Your Dirty Hair

Rinse your dirty hair and then apply conditioner to your hair every few days to keep your dirty hair in fantastic condition. The wonderful advantage of using salon professional products is that they are water-soluble and will do a lovely job of dissolving with water in your shower.

#3 – Leave-in Conditioner

So if you are finding that adding conditioner to your dirty hair is weighing it down. Rinse your hair, spray and comb it until it’s smooth.

#4 – Amethyst Oil is the bomb!!!

When you’re just waking up in the morning with some big bad bed head run some Amethyst Oil through your dirty hair and then decide if it’s a ponytail day of a down day. Just retouch and be on your way.

#5 – Rinse & Dry Your Dirty Hair

My most effective tip is to rinse and air dry your dirty hair!  When your hair is dirty and you let it air dry and scrunch to give it more volume you can get the most natural-looking texture you’ve ever seen. Dry, brush and go!

I just love to share all of these tips that I’ve tried and been doing for years to help you find the fastest, easiest way to look like the rock star you are every day, without the hours of hair and make-up.  Who doesn’t want that!

Let’s rock this day old hair! Cheers!


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