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6 Summer Tips To Keep Your NBR Hair Looking Fabulous

6 Summer NBR Hair Tips

Summer, Summer, Summer time…..SUMERTIME. It’s finally here girls!!! The HEAT is on.

Sunshine brings out our “sun bunny selves” and the romantic love of sunshine that we fall in love with each and every year. Sun, fun and pools rush into our lives like a freight train.

I’m here to help you to get prepared to have the same luscious hair after summer sun leaves. You want to leave summer just as you came into it. With your glorious locks healthy.

Here’s my 6 summer tips to follow:

1. Keep your sunblock and sunscreen AWAY for your hair.

Here’s the real deal. The chemicals that are in the sunblock will change the color of your extension hair. Your extension hair defiantly will have a reaction to the sunblock by changing color. There will be a reaction, that will lead to replacing your hair sooner than later. Keep that sunblock on your body. Spray to your little hearts content to protect your skin but stay clear of your hair.

2. Protect your hair from the SUN.

Hair is just like our skin- it can get dry and brittle from the sun. You have to protect your hair just like you would you skin. There are two options to keep your hair healthy and safe from the sun.

#1- keep your hair protected with a leave in conditioner like Style Me Up EMT. This leave in will help coat the cuticle and keep the sun from penetrating your cuticle and keep you hair from baking in the sun.

#2nd option is using an oil… Style Me Up Amethyst Oil is my favorite. I suggest a pea size- squeeze into your hand, rub together, then run that through your ends.

3. Get you hair damp or wet before the pool or the beach.

Break out you spray bottle, fill it with healthy water and spray your hair down then brush until coated. Now you’re safe to jump on in. If your hair is wet or damp with healthy water your hair won’t absorb and hold in all the chlorine or salt water that you get when dunking your head in with dry hair.

4. Keep your hair in a bun or braid while you’re in the water.

You this way you keep your locks in check, so that aren’t roaming allover and getting in tangled hot mess.

5. A wet brush or extension brush will be your new BFF.

Brush the crap out of your hair when you get out and take a break. Don’t let it dry in a clump of hair, or you’ll have a time getting it all brushed out.

6. WASH…WASH…and WASH again. Just like the song says…..wash that stuff right out of your hair.

Yep i’m aging myself but it’s the truth. You’ve gotta get all the choline and chemicals out. Clean that hair ASAP, then condition with your regular regiment. I use the Style Me Up Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner or the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Bonus tip: just get all these items together and leave them in a bag that’s easy, grab and go bag for you to use for you fun sunny pool day.

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