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[MOVE UPDATE] I’ve Got GOOD News and BAD News ?

Move Update

First the bad news…

My move into the new salon has been progressing nicely, but we ran into a slight setback this week that has caused a delay and pushed my move in date back one week.

So I won’t be moving into the new salon until the weekend of June 22nd.

I know you’re just as excited as I am to make this move, but we’re both gonna have to wait one more week.

Now for the good news…

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress being made at my new salon. I know we are about a week off from it being completely finished and ready for business, but I wanted to share them with you here.

There are just a few more things left to get done before I can move in. We’re in the home stretch!

Again, my move has been pushed back by one week to the 22nd of June.

So I will be serving clients and working my art out of En Vogue Salon & Spa at 119th and Glennwood for one more week.

~ Tasha

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