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NBR Hand-Tied Hair Extensions!

Get The Most Natural Light-Weight Comfortable Hand-Tied Hair Extensions You will Ever Have and The Hair of Your Dreams You've Always Wanted!

Without all the damage, frustration, or hassle caused by other hair extension methods.

Are You Tired of Struggling With Your Hair?

Fine or Thinning Hair?

Do you struggle with fine or thinning hair? Age, hormones, unhealthy hair products, and traditional hair extensions, can all cause your hair to become thin, brittle, and break over time.

Feeling Embarrassed?

Do you feel embarrassed, insecure, lack confidence, or maybe even ashamed of your hair? Not having the hair you want can steal your power and make you feel unattractive.

Lack Volume or Length?

Do you want more volume and/or length to your hair so you can style it any way you want? Up, down, in a high ponytail or messy bun without anyone ever knowing you have hair extensions?

Lost All Hope?

Have you tried other hair extension methods that damaged your hair further and caused you to lose hope that you might not get the hair you’ve always wanted?

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NBR Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

A revolutionary hand-tied hair extension method that will give you the most natural, lightweight, comfortable, and attractive hair extensions you will ever have without all the frustration and damage caused by other hair extension methods.

Completely Natural

NBR extensions are the most natural-looking, light-weight, and comfortable hair extensions you will ever have.

Style Easily

NBR extensions can be worn up, down, or anyway you want. No one will know you have hair extensions, unless you show them.

Introducing NBR Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Healthy and Safe

With fewer points of contact and without the use of heat, glue, or tap, NBR extensions are safe, healthy, and won’t damage your hair.

Less Than 4 Hours

You’re in and out of the salon leaving transformed and feeling more beautiful, confident, and attractive in less than 4 hours.

Meet Your Stylist

Tasha Smith

Like you, I’ve struggled with changes in my hair as I’ve grown older and had children. I experienced postpartum and hormonal hair loss that made me increasingly frustrated with my hair.

As a hairstylist of 26 years, I’ve always taken great care of my hair, but over time my hair began to grow thin and loose the volume and fullness I once had in my teens and twenties.

Many of my clients who have been coming to me for ten, twenty or more years were also experiencing the same struggles with their hair as I was.

Then in 2016 I discovered Natural Beaded Rows or NBR extensions, a revolutionary hair extension method created by Danielle K. White of DKW Styling, and went through the training and certification process, as well as maintained a membership within their mastermind for three years to become the first and most experienced NBR Certified Stylist in the Kansas City area.

Click the button below to book a consultation and let me help you get the hair of your dreams.

Tasha Smith, Certified Hand-Tied NBR Hair Extension Stylist

NBR Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Get The Hair of Your Dreams

Are you ready to stop struggling with your hair? Apply a consultation now to experience NBR Hand-Tied Hair Extensions so you can FINALLY get the hair of your dreams without all the frustration or damage that is caused by other traditional hair extension methods.

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NBR™ Hair Extensions

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